Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tough Training Week

So far it's been a busy training week. The Tuesday KC Crit was as fast as ususal. I got away with Andy C, Bill, Adam, and Shadd early but the field was not tired yet and chaised us down. Soon after we got caught a group of 20 or so rolled off the front of the field. Shadd jumped up to the break and that was it. Shadd blew the group apart and all that was left was Adam, Joe S., and Cameron.
Bill and I tried to jump up to the break but just missed. Oh well....3 bike lenghts may as well be three miles.
Tuesday KC Crit Results
1. Shadd Smith
2. Adam Mills
3. Cam Chambers
4. Joe Smalt
5. Mike Pallito
KC Crit Points as of 4-1-08
1. Shadd Smith 14
2. Adam Mills 9
3. Bill Marhsall 4
4. Graham Aldrich 3
5. Tom Price 3
6. David Hejduk 3
7. Cam Chambers 3
8. Joe Shmalz 2
9. Mike Pallito 1

Started the day early with a 2 hr MTB ride with the three stooges (see photo above) Scott, Sean, and Steve + Shadd Smith. We met at Minor Park and hit most the trails on the East side before heading to work. We kept a pretty quick pace so we were all pretty worked by time we made it back to the cars.
Worked all day until it was time to get the kit on for the Wed Hill Ride. Bill Marshall, Chris Wallace, and most of the 360 crew showed up to make it a tough ride. The legs are getting pretty tired but I hung in there to the end with the final group of 6.
Now for the final day tomorrow when it looks like I'll be heading for the monthly TT. It's short at 10K but it will be intense. I might just enjoy sitting down and watching Jonas practice Friday night. The question now is can I recover in time to race on Sunday?

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