Sunday, April 27, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

I know a lot of you raced this weekend somewhere, and a few more were planning on racing but got rained out at the last moment. I was actually going to go out to Perry for the MTB race but I'm sort of glad it rained out after riding today. More on that later.

Saturday was spent with the kids at soccer/baseball games. 4 games between the kids made for a busy day.
Eli had his 1st T-ball game and I got roped into coaching the kids in batting. Pretty scary considering I never made it beyond 3rd grade ball. IT was fun and I know most of the kids anyway. Game 2 was Jonas's B-ball game. His team has some players and they ended up crushing the other team 17-0. Fun to watch and they want nothing to do with my coaching skills, even better.
This game was followed 15 min later by soccer games for both Jonas and Eli with the same start times.
Sweet soccer fields for Jonas's team. His team is not the best but he loves it and tries hard. Tough sport so he gaining fitness every week.
So after finding out the MTB race was rained out Scott and I decided to ride up to Leavenworth. I felt like someone stuffed a sock down my throat most of the ride. Got to love antibiotics. That's why I said I was glad I ended up not racing earlier. Good 4 hour ride so I can't complain.
Scott and I found a bit of water on the way in!


Lis Heal said...

That is the cutest kid in the world.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you meant Eli. Last thing I saw before your comment was Scooter's butt. I was momentarily confused, and a little frightened.