Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

Wow, that looks like it hurts! Adam's at the front of a long single file line at the Nature Valley GP. Sounds like some of the guys had a rough time and some were better. Our own Chris "Fuzzy" Hall hung in there to finish 57th overall, 5th best young rider, and 12th amature. Simply outstanding. I don't want to forget Bill Stolte who finished 76th, nice work Bill.

As for me, I skipped the Kansas Champs to hang out with my kids on Fathers Day. Saturday I got a decent ride in before Eli's game at 2pm. Sunday we were off to Lawrence to get brunch and ride River Trails with Jonas. Nancy and Eli were going to window shop while we rode. So we got brunch and drove to the trails just in time for the storm to blow in. We walked over to the trails before the rain and they were perfect! So close and yet so far. Drove through the pouring rain on the way home to find my roofer still working. Just a few small details and the roof will finally be done. The weather has been a pain and I don't know who will be happier when it's done, us or the roofers.
Anyhow, the sun came out and the roads dried so I went for a quick ride before Jonas had B-ball practice. Never saw the storm coming but man did it rain.

This week at a's tournament time for Jonas. Games Monday, then Friday and Saturday if they continue to win. Is it bad to want your kid's team to lose? That's only the first half of the bracket, the 2nd half starts the next Monday. At least Eli is down to two more games and no TOURNAMENT.

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