Thursday, June 12, 2008

TT before the Rain

It's Time Trial man!!!!!! Scott was ready to go and once again the weather was threatening. Today there were gale force winds on the out and back course just like last time. We had a huge tailwind on the way out and had to slug it out on the way back. Tough sledding for guys like me, good for the guys with power. Andy and Scott were good examples as they were fast.
Andy and his sweetie (sorry, I don't know her name) were both winners and their categories. Andy set the fastest time at 12:30, I had a 13:03, Scott rode a 13:04. Scott and I both lowered our times from the previous TT so the form is coming along.

Here's Scott showing Dean some love. Once again Dean ripped off a fast TT and then kept on going and did it again.
I hear he's going to Masters Nationals, and I bet there's a medal in his future.

Rain!!!!!! We finished the TT and headed back to the shop. Once we got there the tornado sirens went off and the skies looked scary. I boogied home and got in the garage just before the monsoon began. It's now a few hours later and it's still pouring and the flood warnings are up. Oh house is getting a new roof and it's half done. I'll be up all night looking for leaks, wish me luck.

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