Sunday, July 6, 2008

BooBoo's and Tour of KC training

Decided that I better get out on the MTB this weekend while I had a chance. I guess we got a bit more rain than I thought and Minor was still muddy in places. Once I got up on the ridge it was good but way overgrown. Great, now I'm muddy and paranoid about getting covered in poison ivy. So I slink my way through to the other end but not without bashing into a tree and losing a little skin.
Then again that was nothing compared to Eli's black eye. Poor kid slipped on a wet floor at day camp and bounced his head off the floor. This was the next morning, his eye got much more colorful the next day. I guess he really is daddy's little boy.

Yesterday's ride will go down as one of my most memorable ever. Jonas is getting more and more excited to ride his bike and yesterday we pulled on our matching team kits and went for a ride. I know, the geek factor was high but he was super excited and so was I. Now to keep him riding every few days so he feels ready for the kids races at the Tour of KC.

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