Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tour Time/ Gardner TT

It's Tour time again! It's going to be fun this year as there are 2 American based teams in the race. Here's the new kit for the Garmin/Slipstream crew. That's quite a bit of white, bet that won't last long in the rain. Speaking of rain.....hope those white shorts don't become see through when they get wet like most do. Could get ugly. Wonder what Team Columbia 's kits will look like? My favorite for the win.....kind of like Cadel Evans. Old mountain biker and all plus you can't argue with his record.

Not too much to say about the Gardner TT. I rode pretty well but my time on my HRM and computer was a bit better than I got on the results. I'm not sure what the actual times were but I heard there was a problem. They have me at a 13:09 and my stuff has me at 13:00. I know that's not much and this is only for training. That's why I'm not complaining, my goal is to get it under 13:00 anyway. Quite a few people rode well including Dean and Phil. Phil was smoking fast as usual and set the fastest time.

No races this weekend so enjoy the 4th and be safe!

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