Monday, July 14, 2008

Omaha Weekend/ Tour/ Horner

The weekend racing in Omaha went well and all of my worries were unfounded. Scott, Tanya, and Troy handled the bulk of the childcare duties with Eli while I raced. Thanks go out to everybody who helped out so I could race and not worry, turns out it must of helped.
I've got a few pic's from the weekend and a Readers Digest style write up to share as well.

Noah and Craig showing the Lincoln Industries colors in the Juniors and Masters races.
Abby Burke sprinting it out with Kent McNeil for the win in the kid's race. She got him for a can of Sprite.

Kent went on to race in the Masters and Pro 1/2 race later in the day. He had stellar rides in both races even after a 24 hour flight back from France.
Scott and Troy rode in the Cat 3 race. Small field but with everybody at equal strength it proved to be quite a shootout. Unfortunately there was a crash in the last turn that took out Troy and sent Scott off course. The good thing is that there were no injuries other than road rash.
The Pro 1/2 race lined up with about half of the field made up of HRRC/TREK Stores riders. From what I could see it was fast and furious all night. For more info I'm sure Steve and Adam will have something on their blogs soon.
I raced the Masters 45+ category that was mixed in with the 35+, 55+ all weekend. Kind of nice that we raced together so the races were more exciting. On the weekend..I won the TT in the 45+ and had the 5th best time overall. 2nd in the Saturday crit but 1st 45+. Sunday I was 1st 45+ and 3rd across the line. Both crits I tried attacking on the hill and both times I got caught right at the line. Seemed like the safest option as both last turns seemed a little schetchy at best.
Saturday's crit in was put on by the Midwest Cycling Community and had a great atmosphere. Cheap food, free Powerade and a inflatable house for the kids to bounce around in. Now you know where I spent all of my time when I wasn't racing.
Had to throw this pic in of Chris Horner at the Cascade Classic. Sounds like he was just rolling in after working for Levi and found this guy on the road after crashing. So he rode him in and they finished something like 58th and 59th. Check out the guys bike, wheel, shifter, yikes! There was another picture from the other side and that guy was a mess. Anyway, I've all ways liked Horner. He's usually cast as the underdog and just seems to find a way to survive the up and downs of the Pro cycling scene.

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