Thursday, July 10, 2008

Racing N Ridin

For your amusement..... So what do you do when you rode the kids to school and now you have to get the bikes home without the kids. For those of you old enough to remember toe straps, they work great for holding things together. So yes....I actually rode this mess home, not far, and nothing was damaged. Victory !!!!!!!!!!!!
That said, it was a pain and I doubt I'll do it again.
So now that Jonas is into riding Eli has decide join in as well. Since I had dead legs it was family night on the bike path. Pretty nice nite and we got in 10 miles to boot.

Tomorrow I'm off to Omaha to race in the Omaha cycling Weekend. Kind of have mixed feelings about this one. I'm running solo with Eli so I'm scrambling to find the right mix of friends and buddies to watch him while I race. I'm truly one of those paranoid parents so unless I'm totally comfortable he's safe I might as well not even sign up. Then there's the MTB race at Smithville Lake. I'm finally getting it together on the MTB so I'd like do that race as well. Again childcare is and issue so that's out anyway. So here I am, 11:30pm with nothing packed, screwing around on the computer. With work, packing, ect... I'll be lucky to hit the road before 7pm. Oh well, looks like I'll get to race something and I can't complain about that!


josh taylor said...

t. price....
speaking of childcare. i would be interested in trading out some child care depending on how you feel. heather may be going to weekends only at hospital in fall, which throws me in to scramble mode for cx.. i am dead serious, would love to help you out if need be if you could handle hanging out and watching a 3 or 4 month old while i race for 45 minutes. spoke to some others about it. seems i wouldnt be first guy to drag his kid to a bike race looking for help. and would love to return favor.
love to hear your opinion, and it wouldn't offend me if you said 'no way in hell, taylor!' wether its you dont want to deal with an infant or you dont want me near your kids. either way, i would understand.
oh, andmy pain in rear dogs will be left at home, in case you were wondering.

josh taylor

TP said...


I'll keep it in mind. It's exactly what Kent and the guys were doing this weekend in Omaha. Troy and I rode different races so we had time enough to do the kid switch and still warm up and be ready to race. With all of the people at the cross races I'm sure we can work something out to keep you racing. Don't panic! We have plenty of time to work it out.