Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday crit results and a Warning

Before I post the results I want to bring up an issue that was brought to my attention tonight. Rumor had it that someone who has been sprinting for points has been showing up late and jumping into the race. The unwritten rule has always been,"If you sit out a lap and jump back in you don't sprint". I would assume everyone would agree that if you missed the first 5-10 laps of the race the same rule would apply. I spoke to Chris Hess tonight and he confirmed that this has been going on for most of the summer. Going forward we won't score anyone who has not raced the same number of laps as the rest of the field.
Bottom line is this: don't sprint if you miss a lap/s for any reason. Remember.....this is supposed to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday KC Crit results
  1. Jeremy Pych
  2. Shadd Smith
  3. Bill Marshall
  4. Tom Price
  5. Chris Hall

Tuesday KC Crit Overall Points as of 9/29/08

  1. Shadd Smith 80
  2. David Hedjuk 35
  3. Joe Schmalz 27
  4. Tom Price 22
  5. Bill Marshall 18
  6. Jeremy Pych 17
  7. Cam Chambers 17
  8. Adam Mills 14
  9. Phil Gronniger 12
  10. Brian Jensen 8
  11. Steve Tilford 7
  12. Graham Aldrich 7
  13. Phil Mann 5
  14. Jeff Seese 5
  15. Chris Hall 4
  16. Adam Lang 3
  17. Nick Coil 2
  18. Jeff Schroeder 2
  19. John Shipman 2
  20. Mike Palitto 2
  21. Kurt Mulebach 1
  22. Bill Stolte 1
  23. Mark Cole 1
  24. John Palman 1
  25. Chris Wallace 1


Mark Studnicki said...

Ya, the Tuesday night crit seems to be it's own worst problem. Somewhere along the way, it became way to serious for it's own good. Probably around the time when it started being "scored". I did similar practice crits in SoCal for years, with bigger name pros than here showing up weekly, lap counters, corner marshalls, ect..... and they they were never scored.

TP said...

I saw the same issues at the training races in Cleveland when I was there. I was worried about this happening when Chris and I first discussed keeping track of points but we decided to go forward and see what happens . It's also the reason we never made the results public. For most people points don't change the way they race but there's always going to be those people who don't get the training concept and race as if it's for $10,000 bucks. So my hope is that people mellow out and we can finish out the last 6 weeks and then see what next year brings. I plan on keeping points again but we may have to make some points clear from the beginning. By the's cool, wet, probably muddy, I bet your thinking cross. Not yet for me, Tour of KC, Gateway Cup, and a few MTB races before it's time to roll out the cross bike.

JB said...

Like I tell my team, it is above all else, a training race. Fight hard, pull your fair share, sit out if you have to. But enjoy it for what it is. Laugh. tease, etc.. I kinda got scared there about a month or so ago when the police were really making their presence known, and even worse case scenario shutting us down. That is out of our indirect control, but "policing" ourselves and the understanding of etiquette within the training session, all will be good. I can't believe there are only 6 more left...CROSS!

josh taylor said...


oh, come names, tell us.....PLEASE! we really want to know who the jackass is. come on, it'll be fun. peer pressure is an amazing thing. so is chastising


Anonymous said...

It was Josh Taylor!

Mark Studnicki said...

Sorry Josh, but you've turned into "that guy"