Friday, August 1, 2008

Into the weekend / First Friday

This week I managed to get ahead at work so I had a pretty easy day today and snuck out for a ride. With a NW wind I thought Leavenworth but the legs said they would be fine with something a bit less. Still a ride out to Wyandotte Co lake had me crawling up the climbs. Still not recovered from the Tue Crit/Wed Hill ride combo. Add in the Tue nite basement flood and continued wed cleanup it's been a long week. was hot and the lake looked really good. Summer camp ended for the kids today so I'll be hitting the pool with the kids for the next two weeks. Looking forward to hanging with the kids......not looking forward to working nights. Nothing like no sleep the week before Tour of KC. Oh well, since I won't have much time to ride maybe I'll be fresh!
So tonight we were off to First Friday with the boys to see if we could bore them to death in some art galleries. Mission accomplished in less than 2 hours! They were begging to go back to our friends music store and then go home. Strange, but somehow I've never seen ACME bike shop before but I kind of like what I see from the outside. I should stop in sometime. The Trek KC crew were out as well,. We saw Dean and Debbie, Deb Ridgeway, and Cam all checking out the scene. So it's off to bed so I can be rested for shopping for school supplies tomorrow. It's no Tax day in Missouri on school supplies. Oh boy.................


t-nuts said...

Hey man,

Basement flood? The creek make it to the house?

Hasn't rained here for over 2 weeks.

Hope you can sneak some rest.


TP said...

Actually the creek wasn't the problem. Being the doofus that I am I didn't clean the gutters even though I knew I should. Then Tuesday night we had 5 inches of rain in the space of a few hours. I got worried and about half way through the storm and decided to check the gutters. Discovered a waterfall coming off the gutters on the lower part of the house both front and rear. So there I was at 2am, wearing boxers, a clear raincoat, cycling cap, and flipflops, cleaning out gutters in the lightning. Should of had Nancy take a picture. In any case there was so much water by the foundation we had leaks on both sides of the house. It's all good now, all I have to do is get the basement back together before next weekend.

t-nuts said...

Sounds familiar. About 6 weeks ago lightning hit a tree in my neighbor's yard and brought down a branch bending my gutter. Water was cascading down right up against the house under the kitchen window. So I'm out there at 4:30 am w/ an umbrella, lightning cracking, on a ladder, in flip flops & boxer shorts bending the gutter back. I managed to get it bent back & dashed inside. Looking back...probably pretty stupid. We were lucky though no water in the basement.
Well, glad we both survived to recount our tales.
See ya Friday.