Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wet Tuesday Crit / Fresh Corn

It was a wet Tuesday Crit but not nearly as wet as the last time it rained. 25 or so hardy souls ventured out in the wet to give the crit a go. I was less than excited as I rolled out of the shop and into the rain. I got there and found few riders. Dean was there and we rolled around for a few laps talking about what we were going to do when they decided to call the race for a lack of participants. We decided to stop and see what Chris Hess had to say and suddenly there were enough of us to race.

So off we went to sprinkles and wet roads. I expected a slow race due to the lack of riders but it felt pretty hard because everybody was being careful in the corners. Going hard in the straightaways and slow in the turns becomes a interval workout real fast. Cam was the energizer bunny for most of the race. Every time I looked up he was on the front and hammering. I wanted to attack a few times but I wanted him on my wheel and didn't want to jump him while he was pulling. In the end I attacked less than usual saving a bunch of energy for the finish. At three to go Cam attacked and got a gap on the field. With 2 to go I really wanted to go up to him but told myself to wait. At the bell we caught him at the top of the hill and I found Shadd's wheel for the sprint. Coming out of the last turn Shadd rocketed ahead for the win and I managed to hold off the field for 2nd. Kudo's to the crew who made it out tonight for the race. Everybody rode smart, no crashes, and good training for the time that you go to a big race and it's raining.

Now for the Tour. Stage 3 was great to watch. Will Frischkorn of Garmin/Chipotle starts a break at the gun and then manages to make it to the line. After a crazy sprint he ends up 2nd. Great result for an 8 year pro who's best result is 2nd overall in last years Tour of Missouri. Got to love the underdogs!

Stage 4: 3 guys in the top 15 for Garmin/Chipotle, very nice! Hincape had a good ride to slide up into the top ten as well.
Now for the Garmin kits......these TT kits are sweet. As you can tell I'm all about color and the black and white bibs on the road kits just are not working for me.
Zipp seems to be working overtime on the stickers as well. Millar had a British flag on his wheel as well. Wonder if CSC had fancy wheels as well?
Bring on the mountains!

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