Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Crit

Another Tuesday Nite Crit is in the books and it was a fun night full of attacks and counter attacks. I made it into a few breaks and there quite a few more I wasn't in, but none of them would stick. With two to go the Yellow Train of the TREK/HRRC crew got organized and did a killer leadout for Shadd who went on to win.

Scott was back this week.

David White has been back racing the last few weeks. Nice to see him back after missing most of the summer due to injuries. Looks like he's going to ready for cross. Kelly Benjamin was back again tonight mixing it up with the guys.
There were the usual suspects from the 360 crew at the race tonight. David was 2nd again and Andy in the mix as usual.
This is how I felt those last two laps. Pretty much a blur trying to hang on until the sprint. Heard the average speed was around 25mph. Ouch.........

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