Friday, August 22, 2008

Student driver's not wanted / Training the kid

I really wish I was in the shop last night when this came in. I remember when this bike got built up a few months ago. Super sweet Project 1 Madone, carbon everything, Sram Red, the works. I bet your thinking the guy must of got hurt.....uh.....nope. Sean said the guy put the bike on top of the car and drove off with his 16yr old daughter at the wheel. Armed with her learners permit she must of got dad a little bit
distracted. I bet it was loud when it hit the garage and the frame popped. We see a few cases where a person drives into a garage or overhang every year but this was a $10,000 dollar mistake. What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doug Plummer was in the shop this AM and was thinking about picking up his daughter after school and going for a ride. Hmmm....I had a light work load. I decide to do the same.
Jonas and I hit the Indian Creek Trail and headed east.

I'm planning on taking Jonas to do the Tour de Shawnee Sunday for his first organized ride and he was freaking out about having to ride 12 miles.
Today we did 14 no problem and he didn't even know until we got home.

Now I just have to get up on Sunday morning after racing Sedalia Saturday night!

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