Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gateway Cup Day 1 & 2

Posting from the Hotel computer this morning as I wait for the kids to come down for breakfast. With two days in the books I'm a little tired and the legs are sore but I'm sure everybody else should feel the same way.

Friday Night Lafeyette Square: I do love to race at night but this race is all ways a little spooky. The corners are well lit but the straightaways are pretty dark. Makes for some crashes as you really can't see the wheel in front of you. It was a hectic day as I worked at the shop in the morning, loaded up and hit the rad at 1:00pm and got to St.Louis around 5:00pm. Had a little trouble finding the hotel and got lost for a bit due to the Interstate being closed down. That put us behind schedule to get Jonas to the kids race so running around was pretty much my warm up for my race. As for the race.....I felt pretty good, got a $25.00 prime, just missed a $50.00 prime, and helped a St.Louis teammate get a $75.00 Prime. In the end I thought I was going to get boxed in but got out to sprint in for 5th.

Saturday Downtown Crit: I was feeling last night and just didn't have the legs to go for primes and the $50.00 one that I did I missed by half a bike length. Five guys got away and in the sprint and I just missed the crash in the last turn and got 10th.

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