Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday crit and Fall sports

It's nearing the end of the road season and last night I heard a few people wondering, "what are we doing here". With tired legs and weary minds we return like lemmings from the sea to the Tuesday crit. I swear at this point I can't help it, I don't think I've missed one the whole season. But with two more weeks to go I think I'll make it to the end. For those of us that are going to the Gateway cup next week is going to be a tough one.
Last night's crit was pretty fast, I made the break of 7 that stuck about half way through the race. I felt pretty good and the break was rolling along pretty smoothly. I knew it would'nt last forever, too many guys. Sure enough the attacks began but I was feeling pretty good. With about 10 minutes to go I was rolling through a turn and hit a bad spot in the pavement. It ripped a hole in the sidewall of the tire resulting and a rather loud blowout. Bummer..... I thought about booting the hole and changing the tube but there were just 3 laps to go and it was rather pointless. I'm still wondering what happened to the break as it was blown to bits a lap or two after I flatted. Ah well......good sensations going into Gateway Cup.
Speaking of about a unoffical points series for cross. I'm thinking we should pick 6 races through the season. Our own little KC Cup, maybe even keep track of the top 10 places since our USCF folks will be scoring. I'll have to decide if I'm up for keeping track of more than the 1,2,3 race or not. Any thoughts...............

As for those Fall Sports............. if you've got kids it's that time again, time for multiple practices and two game weekends.
So it all started tonight, practice for both the boys, and of course, their times overlap.
Divide and conquer will be our plan of attack for the month of September.

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Adam Mills said...

How about an "Opt In" series. 6 races count, but you are only scored if you pay "X" amount of $$. Payout goes, 40%, 35%, 25%. Points could be weighted on the race entered and whether you have a beer in hand within 5 minutes of the race being over....