Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot, Hot Hot

Man it's hot!!!!! I usually like it when it gets hot but the last three days have been rough. Yesterday I didn't think about it much as I headed out but I figured I could handle it. I was fine until the temp on by bike computer kept climbing. I know it reads hot because the sensor is on the bottom of the computer so it picks up the temp off the road(track temp to you nascar folk). So when it hit 105 degrees I started to melt. In fact, I'm sure the road was melting causing me to go slower and slower. Lot's of bottles and a Gatorade and I made it home fine. Today I got an earlier start since I didn't have go shopping but it was still hot. I wonder how it felt at the Missouri State crit today. Hope everybody had folks to do handups.

Today I start the night shift and I am so looking forward this schedule.......not. My guess is that I will be a bit slower this week anyway, only the hardcore or crazy are out there at 100 degrees. Not sure which category I fit into there.


Anonymous said...

Missouri State Crit officials did not allow hand-ups. "Say what?" It was one of those contest to see who could hold their hand over an open flame the longest...My computer reads surface temp as well and it read 111. 1st, 6th and 7th for the Trek/HRRC Team. -shadd.

JB said...

Yeah, what Shadd said. HOT! Had some good water throwers tho...stay cool!

TP said...

Yikes!!!!! no handups! What's more dangerous, a feedzone crash or heatstroke! At least there were people to throw water. I'll be sure to bring my supersoaker to Cliff Drive this weekend.