Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Raingutter Regatta/ Tue crit

So my tale of two weeks with the boys begins. I worked into the early am Sunday, or I guess that would be Monday, to try to get ahead. Monday night was more of the same but I did manage to get into bed by midnight. The boys and I spent our days preparing boats for the Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta. Yes, once your child becomes a scout you not only get to make a Pinewood derby car, you also get to make a boat.
Not too complicated until you try to give the boys enough direction to do it themselves without getting hurt or spray painting the car. In the end it was all good, Jonas got 2ND. Eli got DQ'ed. His boat just wouldn't go fast enough so he decide to give it a push with his hand.
I should explain the setup, picture this.....take 2 gutters 10ft long, cap ends, and place on sawhorses. Fill gutters with water and place boats at the end. Yell go and each scout has to blow his boat to the finish line. I got there as they were handing out awards and everybody was soaked. I guess the main attraction was the supersoaker/giant squirt gun battle after the races were over. Overall pretty amusing.

The crit tonight was pretty hard, I guess it's as hard a you make it. I was having a great time early in the race, gassing it up the hill for 3 laps in a row. Of course it strung it out and you know what that means. I'm gassed and Shadd and a few others roll off the front. I got shuffled back and by time I got to a place to attack they were too far out there to bridge. I gave it a go and got reasonably close but I knew I needed another guy to make it. I screwed up the finish but Andy Lucas got it right to win the field sprint for 5th. I love it when another one of the 45+ crowd gets in there.

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