Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shop Rats

Wednesday the shop opens at noon so I had the boys up early so I could get my work done before the store opens. Stopped at Panera to get some good sugary bagels to get them good and wired. The music was turned up loud so I couldn't hear the crashing sounds up front while I went to work in the back. Sorry about that Scott! I don't think they look guilty in this picture at all!

Tonight it's TT time, it's short so maybe it will wake up the legs for tomorrow night's opener for the Tour of KC. Speaking of the Tour of KC, I saw that Cliff Drive has been repaired and is ready to go. I kind of wish they would of left some kind of obstacles there as I tend to ride like crap in this race. I could of used some cross style diversions. Oh well......we will have cool temps, and no rain, fun, fun , fun.

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