Monday, August 18, 2008

Tranquility Tire Tantrum Omaha, NE

I headed up to Lincoln a little early to try and get the Paragon out for a ride before the race. I got to my buddie Kevin's house in Lincoln, kitted up, and headed out. Not more than a half mile into the woods Kevin went over the bars and I think that was the end of his hope of racing the next day. Sure enough a bad back put him on the couch for the weekend. Saturday I picked up Jay and his little guy Jack and headed up to Omaha. We got there just in time to get Jack set up to race the kids race and then had 30 min to race time for us. Not much time to warm up and no chance to pre ride the course.

So the race starts and I'm in 2nd place and rolling along behind Shim. I remember thinking that the pace was perfect and I was feeling good. By the end of the lap I was struggling to hang on and was really starting to hurt. My back usually get's tight after the cross/mtb races but this time it went down into my legs and it was tough just to keep going and finish the race. I'm really not sure why I finished but I know I'm still paying for it. After a spin to the shop and back today on the singlespeed I feel a little better. Tomorrow night should be interesting at the Tuesday Crit.

Speaking of crits.....Chris Hall was in today. He just got back from the US PRO Crit in Downers Grove. He said it was pretty crazy, 30mph avg speed, and the closer it got to the end the more crashed there were. He got caught up in one with 2 laps to go but ended up not hitting the deck. Unfortunately it sounds like Steve Tilford got caught up in a crash with 1 lap to go and did go down. From everything I've read it sounds like a crazy weekend.

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