Thursday, August 14, 2008

Omaha/Lincoln this Weekend

I might have to trade in the Paragon for one of these next year!

This weekend I'm off to Omaha for a MTB race on Saturday and then probably hang out in Lincoln for a group ride on Sunday. With a 40% chance of rain on Saturday we may be racing on Sunday instead. will be nice to get a race in on the MTB again. I had to pass on the 6/12 at landahl. It would be fun to try but I'd be too beat up to do Sedalia and Gateway.

Sounds like a few of the crew will be off to the US Pro race in Downers Grove, IL this weekend as well. Then there's Shadd........if you didn't catch him in the September issue of Outside Magazine you can see him on tv tomorrow morning on the CBS Today show. I'm sure he would sign your magazine at next weeks crit.

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sda said...

tom, its dave a. how've you been? drop me a a line daverill72 at hotmail dot com.