Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cross Nationals Sign up........must sleep..............

So now that I'm attempting to stay awake for another 2 hours I found this old picture of Shadd at Jingle Cross 06. It's a tough day when you bleed but mud and blood, that's cross.

Hmmmmmm 12:01 am. Why can't they make it 12:01 in the pm so we can all get some sleep. Oh well....I'll get it done and that should be all the motivation I need to get riding. I really have not been on the bike much since Gateway Cup. I decided to take a 2 week rest before I started to get ready for cross but after the first week I was ready to ride. Then the monsoon hit, so much for riding. Then I read Cam Chambers blog and he made me feel like a sissy for not getting off my butt. I did use the time to get the road bike ready to sell and look into something to ride this winter. The parts are all ordered for the cross bikes and should be in this week so I might even have a bike to race by the first race in KC.

Here's something for your amusement. We took the kids to a indoor pool today for a birthday party for one of Eli's classmates. All was going well until the life guards started making everybody get out of the pool. So as Nancy's walking past another parent she asks what's going on...and he replies, "there's a baby Ruth in the pool!"

Try to remember the scene from Caddyshack.

In this case it more like M&M's in the pool instead of a Baby Ruth and I can honestly say that it would suck to be a lifeguard in that situation. So with the pool shut down for about a hour we decided to exit stage left and go home to disinfect. Funny....the pool reopened as we were leaving and everybody jumped in just like nothing happened. I'm not sure if they close down the pool for so long to cycle the water or to let people who were there leave and a new group come in.

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