Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Time for Cross and I'm sniffing glue

I think this picture tells the story. I've got a bit of work to do gluing up some knobby tires for cross. It's kind of nice getting to check out all of the different tires that people have chosen for their weapons of choice. We have Dugast, Challenge, and Tufo's at he moment. Who knows what will roll through the door tomorrow. Today I got two sets done and 2 more sets are just about ready to go. One more round of glue and I'll have my pile cut in half. I have 2 sets to glue for myself and maybe, just maybe, I'll get them done before the first race here in KC.
Maybe I should of saved some of the treats that a Mr. Smith brought the mechanics yesterday and used it for energy today. Let's see, we started the day with coffee, then Mr. Smith brought in a pound of licorice and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans. You should of seen the crew ripping around the shop the rest of the day. Nothing like being hopped up on sugar and caffeine!


sstevensinkc said...

That's an awesome sight.

Anonymous said...

Chasing rabbits yet? Thanks for all your help. More dark chocolate espresso beans on the way!-shadd-

JB said...

I got chills just seeing that! Mine are getting prepped as well...woohoo!

Breathe deep