Monday, September 22, 2008

Last MTB race of the Season

Capitol City Classic
Lincoln, NE

Promoted by Lincoln Industries

Well......we pulled it off, or I should say Troy pulled it off. After taking over leadership of the team at short notice, Troy worked his butt of as a first time promoter to run a fine event. We didn't have any problems and the event went off with out a hitch. Everybody in attendance was happy and had a great time! I also have to give a shout out to all of the guys on the team who pulled together and made it happen, couldn't of done it without ya!

Now for the race...... since I was working/racing the event I was up bright and surly at 5:30am to get out to the venue and help set-up. Tents, tables, computers, ect......check, all up and running. The Beginners and Kids races go off and finish and then it's time to put on the kit and get ready!

We have an awesome start set up for these races, 1 mile of gravel road before you drop into the single track. Before the start Coach KB told me to do two things in the race, 1. Be conservative, it's hot out there, 2. Don't Crash. OK, I can do that I thought as we rolled off to the start.

Off we go and I slot in to draft behind 4 or 5 fast guys before the 1st turn. Sweet...I've got a good spot on the train as we fly into the first turn. Then it happens.......well, I'm not too sure what happened but down I went. Sorry Coach, 1 down and now the conservative approach went out the window as now I'm chasing to try and get back on the train. For 6 of the 8 laps I was on and off the train. The reasons were many to get gapped off and every time I got back on I thought I was set, but it was not to be. The last time I got back on I saw Darrin jump hard off the front of the group and the wheels came off the train including my little caboose. All of that chasing had me sliding into damage control for the last two laps. I held on for 5th Expert overall and 2nd in the Expert 35+. Not too shabby!

So now it's offically time to start thinkinig cross. I stuck around in Lincoln Sunday and rode some of the cross courses the guys have been practicing on. Good stuff!

The tubies just keep on rolling in, get your's done now while I'm on a roll!

Sounds like the cross race last weekend was lot's of fun and lot's of pain, just like a good cross race should be! Speaking of pain........I just saw a video of this weeks course here in KC. I'm still just a bit dizzy but I think I get it. Might have to try and get a bike ready to ride this week so I can pre-ride before the weekend.

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buconine said...

Not going to race Manawa? Good job on the BO race! Hope we can catch you at some of the cross races...