Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cross for most, MTB for me

Here's what I plan on doing this weekend. My team, Midwest Wheelmasters, is putting on a MTB race in Lincoln, NE Saturday. I'll be heading up to help out and sneak in a race before the season ends. I'm not too sure about my form at the moment. I started riding this week after a 2 week break and I feel slow. Could it be the fumes in my body from gluing cross tires oozing out of my toes and sticking my wheels to the ground? Could be, but what I do know is that after 3 days of riding my legs are a bit tweaked.

But not a tweaked as they would be if I headed to Hermann for the cross race Saturday night. It would be really cool to race cross at night but running up that many steps would cripple me for the rest of the season. Good luck to those making the trip!

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