Monday, September 8, 2008

Tour of MO Day 1

Today the Tour of Missouri hit KC and what a great day it was! Sure, the weather was crappy, cold and wet, but the crowd still came out to see both races. I do love seeing the races but I also have a good time just hanging out with everybody. I should of taken some pictures of Cam and Sean working the Mavic wheel pit for the women's race. But the best picture would of been when I saw Scott in the back seat of the Kelly Benefits car near the end of the race.

I did get a picture of Brooke Miller rolling through after she won the woman's race. I'm not sure where Kelly finished but it was a tough field so just finishing was a victory.

This picture doesn't do the sprint in the men's race justice. It didn't look like the leadout trains really developed so it was chaos as the sprint started. Once it did, those guys were flying to the line.

So much fun, makes me want to go to Jeff City Friday and race. I'll have to think about that one.

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