Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday KC Crit, Final Night

Tonight was the final night for the KC Crit. A little bigger field showed up to race but it would prove to be a different race than usual. First of all, more than a few of the regulars were looking a bit ragged from last nights Tour of Missouri festivities. Stuff of legends I'm sure. Second, it's the end of the season and most of the crew are getting ready for cross. So the race ended up being pretty mellow. Not that it was easy, far from it. Just not the same attack after attack that we usually have. Coming into the end of the race a break that was off for a long time was getting reeled back in with 2 laps to go. Just before 1 to go a crash took down Nick Coil. That pretty much ended the race. I think there was still a sprint with Shadd and Joe taking the first two places. Chris was attending to Joe so we have no idea who got the last 3 places. So no points in the final week but that's ok, nobody was going to catch the King of the KC Crit, Shadd Smith who more than doubled the 2nd place riders points.

Shadd and his girly crown, yes, you could be the lucky guy to get these next year. he is with the real deal. The King of KC Crown.

I'll post final points next and then we'll do it all over again next year!

Hmmmmmmmmm points series for cross leading into Nationals? I'm thinking 6-8 races in Oct - Nov. More on that in the next post.

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