Monday, October 20, 2008

Boulevard Cup

From what I've heard around town it sounds like there was a good turnout at both races this weekend. I saw these picture's by Kyle Reynolds on Localcycling. Nice shot of the Masters race going off. This one is fun to watch on a weekly basis as the racing is tight.

Then there's Nate Woodman bunnie hopping the barriers. Nate can bunnie hop just about anything and is a crowd pleaser for sure (especially when he occasionally misses).

Then there was my weekend.........Family issues, a week of sick kids, ect., get the idea. What a difference a week makes, last weekend I felt great, this weekend....not so much. All of the above kept me from racing Saturday but I decided to give it a go Sunday. I got a good start and slotted in where I wanted to be but after a lap I knew it was not to be. I pulled the plug early and decided to ride hard enough to get a workout but not hard enough to wear myself down. I'm not sick.......yet, but I'm the only one in the house that has not had it yet. Anyway, I think this picture of me was taken just after I downed a beer and I'm getting goofy all ready. I rarely drink and I'm sure the last time I downed a full glass of beer was over 20 years ago. I do have to admit that the lap after I drank the beer was probably the fastest lap I rode all day!

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