Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spooky Cross

Yep, this weekend I'm going to try something different, cross in Iowa. A few of the guys from up north are heading for DesMoines for Spooky Cross so I figured why not. No matter where you race this weekend it's going to be muddy so bring out the buckets and boots. I guess this is what they call real cross weather.

As for the picture, Jonas is a crazed clown this year and his costume is fairly spooky. We went to family fun night at school last week and he enjoyed scaring all of the girls from his classes. Pretty amusing.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in Iowa, should be interesting with all the mud! I will be back working next week-see you then.

Mark Studnicki said...

I just bummed that the Iowa races were the same weekend as Smithville. I love the races up there. courses are cool, great organizers, ect. Goot luck. I'm sure you'll have Brian Eppen to contend with up there.

TP said...

It should be an interesting weekend for all of us. I don't think I've raced in the muck in years and it's going to be everywhere. Good luck to the both of you, I'm sure Smithville will be fun no matter how muddy it is.