Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I saw this a few blocks from the shop, cross at your own risk! Little bit of voodoo in Shawnee with those dolls skewered on the poles.

Pic of me from last weekends race. I can tell it's later in the race because the chain is still on. I'm still a bit sore in the back and knee from last weekend. Good thing I'll be out on the dance floor with the wife at Scott's wedding instead of racing in Omaha.

I heard there might be a practice cross race this weekend at Wyandotte. Does anybody know what's up?


Anonymous said...
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JB said...

Hey Tom--
Yes, we will be practicing(racing)on the NEW Boulevard Cup course. Shelter house D. 11:00am

sstevensinkc said...

is that on sunday? Maybe my new wife will let me out of the house....I can try;-)

TP said...


Thanks for the info. Troy's in town and was looking for something to bring him back to life after the Scott's wedding. I'm sure Troy and I will both spend lot's of time in the buffet line so we might need to work off a few lb's.

Bike racer's weddings are all ways amusing!