Thursday, October 9, 2008

New week, Crazy squirrels

Let's see.......It's been a few days since my last post so you know I've been busy. Unfortunately Jonas continues to be sick enough to say home from school. He's become quite a shop rat. Problem here is that I can't ride when he's with me and most of my training miles are extended commutes to work. Here's Jonas in a typical pose when stuck at the shop, either in front of the tv or at the computer.

So while I was wrenching yesterday what should I end up working on but my old GT cross bike. It was the 1st cross bike I got back in Cleveland in the GT days. I loved that paint job, in fact, I still do!

Beware of these little guys! I'm not sure if it's mating season or these little guys are too busy gathering nuts to notice that there are things moving around them. I do know that Jonas ran over one's tail as it ran between our wheels last week and yesterday one smashed into my front wheel and about took me down. I think he was waiting for just the right moment when I sat up and took my hands off the bars to make his attempt. carnage for either party.

Man it's dark at 2am! It's also totally dead out, not 1 car passed me on the ride home from the shop. Can't complain but it just seems weird that in a town the size of KC I can ride 7 miles without passing or being passed by a car. Sure is fun riding at night but it really sucks getting up in the morning.

Woa!!!!!! I think I scared myself! The flash was a bit bright and after I blinded myself I about plowed in to a car. Note to careful while taking photo's at 15 night!

Cross this weekend under the lights!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Nice shot there Tom. And thanks for the long hours at the shop, we may miss Dean's presence but your definitely making up for his wrench.