Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooky Cross Weekend review

I made the trip to DesMoines last weekend for 2 days of Spooky Cross. With 2 days of rain leading up to the races I was a bit worried about course conditions but by race time there was very little mud. The promoters did an awesome job laying out courses that had tons of unique features. There was some road, trail, bean field, climbs(both short and long), and of course barriers both in the open and on the climbs.
The first picture is of the bean field straight that was mud on day 1 and rutted and soft on day 2.

Troy searching for a good line in the bean field. Day 1 was tough because of the mud, day 2 was tough because it was soft, rutted, and into a 40mph wind. Sure glad we dropped into the woods shortly after the beans.

First lap up the climb/Run-up in Saturday's 1,2,3 race. It was steep at the bottom, then they put 1x4's on the hill to make it harder.
On Sunday the climb had boards on a short steep climb followed by a longer climb that was a slow slog in a 42x25.

Here I am with Iowa fast guy Brian Eppen. He won both days 1,23 race. Saturday I stuck with him for most of the race but ended up 2ND. By Sunday I was getting tired and all I could do was hang on for 3rd.

Overall the races went well, 1st in the Masters 40+ both days(Troy 3rd both days, Craig 6Th Sat). Lincoln Rider Darin Schlake was 2ND in the masters both days and made me ride way too hard to save much for the 1,2,3 races. The rest of the Lincoln Industries crew had good rides all weekend as well. The whole crew was in the top 10 both days.

Once again I've got to give credit to the promoters, the courses, the crowd, the overall vibe was awesome. The amount of work and thought that went into the courses was amazing. They have good prizes and plenty of good food, beer for everybody. I'll go back and I hope to bring a number of KC folks with me.

Then there was this................I guess I'm ready for Hooligan Hill during the Lincoln Cross Weekend after seeing this guy. I was offered beer, Slim Jim's, and bucks on the climbs both days but racing was too tight to partake. Man, what a rowdy bunch, it was loud at the tops of the climbs!

I dare you to take that buck! I think the devil is eyeballing a few for himself.

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