Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, Soccer, cubscouts, and Cross

What a busy weekend! Friday brought a bunch of stuff to do during the day and then there was Halloween. We did a family style Halloween. That is we went out with 5 other families, (we all have kids in the same grade at school), and while the kids went to houses we hung out on the sidewalk and had cocktails. We had a route figured out that brought you back to the hosts house for refills (cocktails, not candy) every 20 minutes or so. Fun night but that's a lot of walking!

Friday I got to build up Bill Marshall's Scott Cross bike. Sweet build and pretty fun to do when you have all the time in the world to get it done. 15.4 lbs as it sits, that's light!

Saturday was Jonas's last Soccer game for the year in the am and then off to the Cross race.
This one was a write off from the start. I got sick last week with the same illness that's been hanging around the house for the past month. I'm the last in the family to get it so I'm hoping to keep it out of my lungs and recover soon. Craig made the trip from Lincoln for a few races on the Nationals course.
As far as the course design goes I've heard mixed reviews. Some liked it, some hated it. If you've got tons of sit down power it's definitely a course for you. I'll just keep quiet on this one since I was sick and rode poorly. Kinda hard to make a judgement after a DNF.

So after the race it was off to Weston, MO for a Cub Scout function. Nothing like wandering around a corn maze for an hour with tired legs. The kids had fun in the maze and then if was off to the campfire for hot dogs, chips, and smores.
The dinner of champions, Yea!!!!!!

This I thought I would never see again, gas under $2.00. WOW.
I had to fill up just because.....
Sunday I met up with group ride from Starbucks. 4hrs at an easy pace was just what the doctor ordered. I felt pretty good except the sinus headache that came on in the last hour. I came home and drugged myself and slept.
Wonder what this week will bring.........................

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