Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November Thunder

What's up with the crazy weather we're having today. Gale force winds, driving rain, and thunder and lightning! November 5th......go figure. 70 degrees today and 37 degrees with a rain/snow mix predicted for tomorrow night.

Anyway......I thought I would get back on the bike and try to get in some training. I headed for SMP on the MTB looking for some fast laps. First I ran into Ted getting in some laps, he said something about riding for 2 hrs. Hmmmmm..... better get at it. It was not to be as I hit something under the leaves after about 10 minutes and I started hearing the tell tale spit, spit, spit, sound of Stan's not sealing the hole in my tire. Bummer, time to put a tube in a slimy tire.

Not long after I start working on my tire I felt something on my leg. I looked down and saw this guy looking back at me. Geez.......kinda freaked me out, he's as big as my hand. Eli looked at this picture and proclaimed that it's a "Stick Bug". Anyway, I wanted to take him back with me but he wasn't about to let me pick him up and I had tire issues to deal with. See, I wasted one roadie size CO2 attempting to seal the tire, now I have a tube and 1 CO2 left(and it's a small one). In the end I got just enough air in the tube to get out of the park and to the shop.

I guess I got a power workout riding a nearly flat tire a few miles to the shop so all was not lost. Too bad I couldn't bring my buddie with me!

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