Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jingle Cross Day 1

Quick results from Jingle Cross Day 1.

2 - 3
1st Chris Wallace
2nd Tom Price
3rd Troy Krause
7th Matt Tillinghast
12th Jesse Peterson
19th Ryan Legg
20th Nate Woodman

4th Dan Hansen
33rd Craig Schmitt

Good conditions on day 1, a little bit of ice in a few of corners, pretty muddy on the run up, but overall pretty nice. A bit of snow /rain/ice predicted for tomorrow should make it interesting. I don't have any results from the Elite race, the KC crew was looking good but the race got so spread out I couldn't keep track of what place people were in.

More tomorrow.


Ted said...

Nice result! I guess the shoulder felt pretty good?! Good luck today.

Mark Studnicki said...

Couldn't make the 6hr drive this year and be gone ALL WEEKEND like years past, but Boss Cross kept things interesting hear in town.