Thursday, November 27, 2008


When you are in first grade this is what you get at Thanksgiving. You dress up as a pilgrim or Native American and have a feast. And what a feast, Turkey wrap, carrots, cheese, orange slices, and popcorn. Pretty amusing watching them pick at the food while eyeballing the pumpkin cake.

So here's the real deal. Mom made a feast for the four of us that's going to last as leftovers for weeks. Good thing I did a bunch of yard work today, I'm stuffed!

Of course Thanksgiving would not be complete without a toast. Jonas is going with milk, I'm going with a clear liquid that goes well with lime.

As is our tradition the dogs got a few scraps while carving the turkey. You just have to watch the fingers until they calm down.

Tomorrow it's off to Iowa City and Jingle Cross. Should be fun!

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