Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lincoln CX Weekend is here!

This weekend brings cyclocross back to Lincoln's Pioneers Park. My crew is running the race this weekend so I'll be heading up tonight so I can help set up the course tomorrow. Look for a classic Pioneers course, fast with good flow, hooligan hill, and maybe something a little different. Since I'm right handed and my injured shoulder is on the right I should still be able to hold a cup of coffee(or some other type of beverage) and point out things to be done with the left. Racing is definitely out, since I'm gravitationally challenged it's a bit too risky with Jingle Cross and Nationals coming up.

Now for some pictures:

Bill at the USGP in Jersey. Kudo's to Bill for letting Chris Wallace ride his 15 lb bike in the slop in Jersey. Chris had a great weekend and held on to his leaders jersey in the Crank Brothers series. I'm sure the bike helped and with Bill working the pit Chris had awesome support.

On a related note, I've been helping Bill out this year with his bikes and last weekend totally trashed his bike. Virtually nothing spun and if it did it sounded terrible. Stripped the bike down to the bare frame and threw everything into the parts washer. A little TLC and lube and it's back to new again. It sure is fun to work on the new cool stuff!

Ah yes, the trainer. I tried to ride outside yesterday on the bike path but after a short ride the lump on my shoulder was swollen 3 times the size it was when I started and hurt like hell. Oh well....... So this is my set-up. TV, VCR, DVD, fan and a window so I can look out and wish I was there. In that cabinet there are tapes of pretty much every bike race that has been on tv since the 84 Olympics. All that and I still can never last more than an hour.


ScottyD said...

You should try riding on that treadmill it might give you a more road like feel. If nothing else it might give you a few seconds of excitement.

The trainers not to bad with a Power Tap to entertain you.

TP said...

I could really make it exciting and put my fixie on it and crank up the speed. Then I could make it go up and down and get a hill workout in as well. Sounds like a utube clip in the makeing.