Monday, November 24, 2008

Lincoln CX Weekend

Wow, the weekend went past so fast! I got up to Lincoln Thursday PM and by 8am Friday we were out at the park laying out a course. By 3pm the course was set and marked and we got to do a test ride to make sure the course rode like we thought it would. Saturday and Sunday we were all out at the course by 8:30am to get ready. Ever wonder what would happen if you promoted a race and nobody came? Every promoters nightmare. If you've been racing in the KC area and were used to 200+ riders, our turnout was rather poor. In fact if it weren't for the people who traveled to the race it would of been much worse. A big Thanks to all the folks who traveled for the race!

Now for the good stuff: As you can see from the opening picture Dan seems to be somewhat confused at the top of Hooligan hill. Seems Hayden doesn't seem to fit in with the PCL(Pirate Cycling League) image. Or he just likes the picture, Dan?

Then there was Nate. Now I know I can jump the barriers like Nate but the Pain VS Gain factor is not in my favor. This was reinforced when I watched Nate have two spectacular crashes. One he managed to jump off the bike and run it out while his bike cartwheeled away. The 2nd he got crossed up going into the 2nd barrier and went over the bars. Hmmmm........not for me.

A few laps into the 1,2,3 race on Saturday. Darn kids are leading the race and would go on to sprint it out for the win.
It's good to see Bill up there, it gives me hope.

Andy climbing Hooligan hill on Saturday. I thought it would be unrideable but quite a few guys made it up.

This was one of my favorite sections of the course. 2 lines, a high line that was off camber, and a low line that was fast but longer. Overall I thought the changes we made the course a little bit more technical while still keeping it fast and flowey.

So now it's over..........wish I could of raced. Hopefully I'll be able to lift my bike and race Jingle Cross this weekend.

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