Thursday, November 13, 2008

T-n-T will fix what ill's ya'

Well.... maybe not but it can't hurt. I heard that Pine Nuts were good for you and Tangueray has Pine Nuts in it so it's all good. Heck, with the vitamin C in the limes I feel better all ready. Well......maybe that's something else but whatever.

Anyway, I gave up and got some antibiotics to kill the crud that I've been fighting for the past month. Oh well, antibiotics will make you slow for a while but it's worth it to make my eyes stop watering.


Coach said...

Reminds me of some good ol' fooseball games.

TP said...

So true, except the bottle lasts much longer these days!

mathgeek said...

juniper berries. I think the sinus infection is eating away at your brain.

ScottyD said...

Heal up quick(Funny how many blogs I've left that comment on tonight)