Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vet Cup

This weekend it was the Vet Cross so we were up early since the whole family was going to make the trip. I'm still working on my Belgian waffle making skills but this version is pretty good. Seems like the toppings make the waffle so I'll keep working on it. Some day I'll have to get over to Belgium to see how its done.

Here we have Ben from the shop stalking the competition. Third place in the 5's I think and soon to be racing the 4's.

Another poor picture of Craig. Not sure why I have such issues taking pictures of this guy.....must be the blazing speed:)

Look at that, Scott does actually race cross. After it was over he was heard saying, "I rode ok, I didn't hurt myself, or anybody else" Hmmmmm
As for me, I'm waiting for my doctor to call back to tell me he called in something to kill this illness I can't shake. That pretty much sums up my race experience.


JB said...

Holy ooey gooey goodness Tom!

What time is pre-race breakast next Sunday?!

Get well dude!

ScottyD said...

I gained lbs looking at that pic. Looks authentic to me.

MOD said...

That belgian is awesome!

Sorry, I gotta go get breakfast now.