Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from Nebraska

Headed back to Lincoln for Christmas. Packing the van was a challenge as usual. Try making room for bags and misc junk for a family of 4 for a week long stay. Then add a bike and a bag for gear, 2 good sized Labs, then hide Christmas presents from the boys, this is what you get. This why I can get a pop up tent, 5 bikes, 5 extra sets of wheels, and luggage for 4 riders in there. It's true, just ask Dean.

Got in a few rides while I was there. The first one was when there was a few inches of snow on the ground. The trails were awesome and Coach and I had a great time. Then it got warm and melted everything. Next time out on the same trials we rode the edges as the center of the trail was solid ice. MA, Coach, and I still got in 2 hrs at 27 degrees, not too bad.

Christmas with the boys was a riot as usual. Too many cool toys to list but these made me laugh. Night vision goggles, cheap plastic, but they do actually work. Caught them sitting on the couch looking like the tech geeks from the movie Sixteen Candles.

Did a UNL Campus tour with they boys. Nancy got to show the kids the building where she taught, I got to show them the fountains near campus that I used to ride my MTB into. Passed on showing them the O street bar scene that led to the fountain incident. Those were the days.

Ride in the snow. Coach and I discussing the skill the Lincoln guys have at riding the trough.
I don't know what else to call it. The trail is so worn in that it's like a 10 inch wide ditch that's 6 inches deep. For you KC crew it's like the trail at Minor that's down by the river. At Minor it's a short section, in Lincoln it lasts 7 miles. The guys in Lincoln can ride this stuff at warp speed and never get off line, amazing.

Sounds like Chris is having a great time in Belgium. Go to to see more.

I don't see this as a great idea, I don't care how much mud you have on your bike!

Wow, a Brad Cole sighting at Boss Cross 3. Wish I had the time to get out there but I just had too much going on after a late return to KC Saturday night. Looking a Roger's pictures it looks like it was a mudder. I heard stories of Brad running and Shadd riding many sections of the course. Brutal no matter how you did it.
Heck, I had to wash the cars late Sunday and decided to finishe cleaning the mud off my wheels from Nationals.
I've got the kids this week but Wednesday's cross race is a possibility. Wonder how many people will make it?


Mark Studnicki said...

Brad can run, Shadd can ride, no doubt. It was a mess. That's the most running i've ever did in a cross race. More than 50%of time. My shoulder and forarm are bluised from shouldering the bike so much. My bikes got too heavy to effectively to anything.

TP said...

Yikes! I usually don't mind racing in the mud but that doesn't sound like much fun. I had no idea how much rain KC got until I talked to a few people yesterday. No wonder it was so muddy.