Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cross out the Old Year

The boys and I went out to watch the "Cross out the Old Year" race today. I had hoped to race but it was not to be. I'll just say that we are nearing the end Christmas Break for the kids and after today, I'm not going to be sad.

On to the races..... Caught the end of the 3/4 race but spent most of the time on the playground with the kids playing tag and venturing into the woods. Wish I could say more about the race but by time I started paying attention the riders were so spread out I couldn't tell who was leading.

Here's the start of the 1,2,3,4 race. Not too many riders but it was fun to watch for the first few laps. Wish I was at the end of the next straight to get a few pictures of Brad and Shadd hand checking each other going into the turn.

First time over the barriers and up the hill. Right after this Cam tried to ride the hill and stalled out. Shadd and Cam bumped and they both ended up running up the hill.

Love this shot! Eli and I climbed up the jungle gym to get this shot of Brad running the sand.

Bill working hard during the race. Rumor has it that he's going to Masters Worlds.

Check this thing out! The boys called it a spiderweb and it's all they wanted to do. Wish we could get one at their school.

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Anonymous said...

Very City Museum-esque. I think we need one at the shop.