Thursday, December 18, 2008

GO Chris

I saw the announcement that Chris Wallace has been selected to represent the USA at Cross Worlds. How cool is that! Chris is a really nice kid and it's been fun watching him progress as a rider. Too bad he's all ready faster than I am!

Worked on Chris's bikes yesterday to get them ready to head for Belgium. I'm glad to be able to play a part in his quest for success in Europe. I've got to say thanks to Scott and the owners for allowing me to work on the bikes without charging Chris. Nice way to contribute to the cause.
What a difference a few days make. I'm pretty fried on bike riding and sick to boot, but I may have to pull out the skate ski's and head out to the school across the street. Maybe tomorrow, today it's Holiday(not Christmas, got to be PC) parties at school with the boys.
I saw on Scotty D's blog there is a schedule with UCI races. Pretty interesting stuff out there. Night Cross races........ love 'em, brings me back to my old motocross days when we raced anywhere with lights, from the Astrodome to rodeo grounds.
I can't believe there are still 4 more cross races. I guess that would work out if they eventually move Nationals to January like the rest of the world. Since the US is the only country to have December Nationals I bet the UCI makes USA Cycling toe the line eventually. Still no official location for next year, hmmmmmm makes you wonder.

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ScottyD said...

My money is on Bend with Portland USGP the week before. Plan on a 10 day trip to Oregon next year. Nationals in January worries me, since I'm normally fried by Dec can't imagine having to go for another month hard.