Monday, December 8, 2008

KCCX 2008 Cross Nationals: Course Prep day 2

Got out to the venue today to see the big tents going up. I've never seen it done so it was pretty amazing to see how quick these guys can build it.

The little tents went up as well. A few of us helped Bill A. put up the one in the background. I'm super excited about that one because I 'll be able to use it as a base for the event. I kept hearing something about "that guy from South Dakota is going to have to dress outside" over and over again. Brrrrrrrr. Sorry Dan!

The big top is up! Most of it is on pavement so no swamp in the tent like last year.

All the course needs now is tape. That's on tomorrows plate as well as all of the metal fencing. Might be a bit challenging in the snow/rain but we'll get'er done.

Just so people don't think I'm totally obsessed with Nationals. I did manage to get in some family time this weekend. Bought a Christmas Tree, and got it decorated as well. Heck, I even managed to get lights up outside the house.

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ScottyD said...

Keep the updates coming, especially ground conditions.