Sunday, December 7, 2008

KCCX 2008 Cross Nationals: The prep starts

Today was the first day of course prep out at the Nationals venue. Quite a few riders showed up, I'd guess around 75 or so. So while the crew started setting the course and making a few changes, the riders tested them out. Two changes from the Boss Cross race, one removed a spot where there was two way traffic that could of become dangerous. The other is going to make a tough course even tougher. The top section has been extended and includes more barriers, and a double up and down run up. Right now you run up the hill over the barriers, remount and ride halfway down the hill before you have a off camber turn and ride back up the to the top of the hill. From there you drop back down the hill to the old course. It was tough to ride today, probably a run if it gets wet, muddy, ect.......

Nice weather today, hope it holds for the week. Right now the ground is a mixture of hard and soft areas. In case you were wondering about the start, 1K of pavement going into a wide grassy up hill turn. Sorry no pictures of that.

Quite a crew out today, no real play race to speak of. I did a couple of hot laps and tried out different tire pressures. The course is a little rough so it's going to be tough to figure out. In any case I'm sure conditions won't be anything close to today next week.
Wow, 3 days to race day! If you're looking for me in the next 3 days I'll be out at the course pounding stakes, stringing tape, and doing whatever else they tell me to do. Can't wait, I love the whole thing, helping with the event, racing, what fun!

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