Wednesday, December 10, 2008

KCCX 2008 Cross Nationals: Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!

After a SRAM clinic at the shop this morning I had to install a SRAM Rival group on Chris W's bike. I'm more and more impressed with the SRAM road groups the more I work and ride them. I can't wait for next year to try it out.

Now for Cross Nationals. I got there and the crew was hard at work installing signs, banners, and making final adjustments to the course.

There it is, the finish line. The tent was filling up with vendors and yes, the beer garden is ready.

Course condition update: This is what it looked like at 4:00pm. I heard there was a light covering early in the morning but most of it melted off and soaked in by the afternoon. Hard to tell whats going to happen tomorrow. Probably rock hard and fast for the early races and really soft for the later races.

Had to take a picture of this while I was driving home. I don't think I have ever been watching when one of my cars hit the 100,000 mark. Cars are cheap but the van is still running good. What to do? I do know I won't buy anything until spring when the salt and ice is off the roads.

Tomorrow I'm off for race day #1 with the 40+B race. It's a warm up race for Friday's National Champ race for for the 45-49 crew so I'm not too sure how hard I want to go. I guess I'll let conditions and the legs tell me what to do.


JB said...

good luck this weekend! See ya out there.

ScottyD said...

B race? better not go too hard or the echoes of sandbagger will ring out. Good luck to you & TK on Friday

Wait till you see a car turn over 200k.

Mark Studnicki said...

My white pickup has 260K miles on it and still run awesome. Mobil 1 every 3K miles for the last 10 years has been well worth it. Ya, take it easy in the B race. You'll get nothing but criticism for winning that one. My masters race saturday is my warmup for Sunday. Last year by almost-last-row start got me 16th so hopefully a mid-pack start this time works out. Sunday I just hope I can finish on the lead lap.

ScottyD said...

Great job to you & Troy both today. Was cheering for you guys on the live coverage