Thursday, December 11, 2008

KCCX 2008 Cross Nationals: Day 1

All of the B races go today. I guess it gives racers and the promoters a chance to check things out before the races for the stars and stripes jerseys start. This year I thought I would give the 40+B race a try as a prep for my big race. I was more than a bit nervous as I didn't want to be blown for tomorrows race. I started with the plan that if I wasn't in position for the podium I would pull the plug and save my energy. The race started and I got the lead and felt good. I had a decent lead when the cramps started on the 2nd lap. Soon is was decision time, do I continue and tear up my legs or bag it. I decided to stick it out and in hind site I made the wrong decision. Even though I hung on for 3rd by legs are so tight my back keeps seizing up. Right now I'm 50/50 on weather I'll be able to race tomorrow. I race at 3pm a lot can happen by then.

KCCX Day 1: The day of the killer B's.

At least I made a good decision and only made a mess of one bike and one set of wheels. The course started out muddy/greasy in the morning but my our 3pm race most of the course dried up and was tacky. Looks good for the rest of the weekend. See ya out there.


ScottyD said...

That podium shot looks like a prep for a flood... a lot of sandbags..LOL.. Great job! Good luck today.

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Thaddeus Neil said...

Great Job Tom! Give em hell today!