Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Ride

Met up with a few guys at 8:30 am on New Years day for a ride. OUCH....that's early! In fact too early for most so the group was small. But conditions were perfect and we had a great time.

There were a few unfortunate gravitational issues for a few people but overall there were no MAJOR injuries. Unless you count Scott's face plant in the rocks.

I should of told him to leave the blood on his face until after the picture for the full gore effect. It's never good when you look back and you see someone with their feet over their head going through the rocks!

This picture pretty much sums up Ted's day. Crashes, a flat tire, hopefully he got everything out of system for the year!

Interesting feature that the trails crew are working on. Doug tried it a few times. I'll pass, rocks on one side, 3 foot drop on the other.

I'm looking forward to more time on the MTB this year. I'm back on the Fisher 29'er Crew this year so it's time to get those big wheel's a rolling!

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