Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow trails

Rolled out this morning at 8am with a crew from the shop at SMP. We got in a few laps and Marco had to head out to open the shop. Soon after we ran into this crew out on the trail. Scott, Bill, and I latched onto the group and put in a few more laps. Much warmer temps today the riding much more pleasant. Traction was perfect for most of the day, we were all tired just about the time the snow started melting off so it was time to leave anyway. Riding with this group was fun and by time we were done I had some tired legs.

Scott blazing the trail before we met up with the group

Marco riding testing out the Maverick fork.
Might be a few days before the trails dry out so back on the road for a while.

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Shad S. said...

That snow ride was a great time...despite our expressions in the picture!