Thursday, January 22, 2009

New stuff, new news

Back on the 29'er crew this year, I'm pretty excited to put a little bit more of a focus on MTB racing. New bike, kit, pretty sweet!

New kits for the road team, SRAM groups, Fisher Frames, and Bontrager bit's and pieces.

I am spending way too much money! Time for a garage sale!

This kid is heading off to the World Cyclocross Championships next week. Good Luck Chris! Race hard and above all.....HAVE FUN!

Bill holding court at he Fundraising party at the TREK store. Thanks to everybody who came out!

I went over Chris's back up bike a few days ago and then installed the TRP brakes. Sweet brakes with the in line cable adjuster and adjustable toe in built into the brake pad holder. New Dugast Tubies for the forcasted mud as well. I thought I was done sniffing glue for the year but I just realized that I'll be pulling off the cross tires and gluing up road tires all too soon.

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ScottyD said...

Those are sharp looking kits!