Friday, January 30, 2009

Trash Day

What do you use to haul your trash out in the morning? How about this baby, all this guy needed to build this was an old refrigerator, mower, and a shopping cart. No need to go by some fancy contraption, just grab some stuff out of the back yard and build 'er up. I don't think my wife will let me have one, besides, I'm sure Overland Park has some ordinance that would outlaw it.

Now some days this is appealing. We were at a cub scout function and they used it for a skit, really, it's not at my house, not yet. His brother is in the background, bet he has something to do with this.

Minor Park last week, hopefully it will dry out in the next few days.

Updates are coming on the Pinewood derby cars. Right now I'm trying to get the weight right, 5oz, no more, no less, more of those pesky rules. I should go with a standard NASCAR crew chief''s motto....... It's our job to cheat, It's their job to catch us.

It's going to be nice tomorrow, 60 degrees but lot's of wind..........I see pain. Get out and ride!

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